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Dental Issues Due To Modern Diet

A recent study shows that the foods we eat today cause serious dental issues that are permanently claiming pearly whites as early as the preschool age. In connection to this, dentistry experts conclude that a prehistoric man enjoyed a much better oral health than many of the modern people do today. This is quite evident in the tartar deposits found on an ancient teeth which the experts examined. The early men had stronger teeth even though they barely cared for them as there were no toothbrushes and toothpaste back then.You can get additional information at wrong info about typical dental issues.

Moving forward, the experts shared that reports about cavities and cases involving common dental problems happened when mankind started farming. At this time, men no longer ate their natural foods. The typical meats, vegetables and nuts that comprised the meals in early times were replaced by carbohydrates and sugars as grains were grown to produce flour and related goods. This change in food intake is believed to have caused the existence of bacteria in the mouth. With the advancements in technology, the foods available in the market continue to change in form. The invention of preservatives made them tastier than ever and more damaging to the gums and teeth at the same time.

Acid is a main food component responsible for the quick wearing away of the teeth enamel. This is usually found in the beverages and condiments we enjoy at the moment. Jams, jellies, pickles, salad dressings, vinegar and sodas are common examples of these foods. Next to acid, processed sugars pose danger on teeth too. These are present in clear sodas and sports drink. Instant drink mixes contain big amounts of processed sugars as well.

Staying away from these causing dental issues could be very difficult. For one, these are the common goods available in the market. Also, they are the ones that fit the busy lifestyle the rest of the mankind leads nowadays. Take the case of instant foods for that. And in certain instances, eating raw foods just like what the prehistoric people did is no longer safe.

While it is impossible to remove the above-mentioned foods from the modern diet, their negative effects to the oral health of the modern mankind can be reduced. Damage control can always be observed by men whenever possible. First of all, consumption of damaging foods can be limited by all means. Acidic and sugary foods may be harmless if consumed in less amount. Next, increased intake of water after eating these foods is helpful. Such practice washes away the sugar and dilutes the acid on the teeth.

Regular caring for your teeth can aid in the arrest of dental issues too. Nonetheless, you must be wise in selecting the right cleaning items for your teeth as they sometimes cause the damage and not prevent it. For example, consider purchasing all natural or herbal toothpaste. Some experts attest that the foaming agent in most toothpaste today eat up the strength and thickness of the teeth enamel and the surrounding gums too.