Personal Injury Solicitor- Overview

If you are hurt or injured in an accident in Scotland that wasn’t your fault you may be entitled to claim compensation from the insurers of those responsible. The question is: who do you go to for legal advice?

The clue is in the question. Only qualified Scottish solicitors can give legal advice. So if you want to ensure that your claim is properly reviewed and its true worth correctly evaluated you really ought to entrust the management of your case to a specialist personal injury lawyer – and nobody else.

There is a bewildering array of adverts on television and in the press which are aimed at accident victims in Scotland. These ads sometimes offer cash inducements and almost always promise a simple and speedy resolution of compensation claims. The impression they give is that injured people only need to claim compensation for damages to be awarded and a cheque to arrive in the post the next day. Our website provides info about  personal injury solicitors dublin free review call us!

Unfortunately, in most cases, nothing could be further from the truth. Insurance companies are not registered charities and they do not settle claims merely because an injured person is seeking compensation. They fight tooth and nail to reduce the value of a claim or even repudiate it all together. When faced with denial, non-cooperation and intransigence from the insurers and their expensive legal teams, innocent accident victims cannot afford to entrust their financial future to a claims company which is primarily motivated by the need to quickly sell their claim to a qualified solicitor in exchange for a referral fee.

Injured people with financial responsibilities need professional legal help from experienced personal injury solicitors in order to achieve justice. The real irony here is that the claims companies know this to be true and this is why they came into being in the 1990s and mushroomed in the decade following. The myth they perpetuate is that accident victims are so helpless that they need a ‘broker’ to help them find and choose a solicitor.

The four questions the claims companies don’t want you to ask:

1.How do claims companies ‘help’ accident claimants achieve justice and financial compensation for their injuries?

Answer:It’s simple. They sell your claim to a firm of solicitors who will do all the work, take all the risk and utilise THEIR expertise to win the case.

2. Why would a claims company advertise its compensation services, take my phone call and then simply pass on my details to a solicitor?

Answer:The claims companies HAVE to find you a solicitor because they neither have the legal expertise to deal with your claim themselves nor do they have the resources to collect the evidence necessary to properly prepare your claim for litigation in court, which may be necessary, particularly in high value cases. They make their money by selling your claim to a solicitor.

3. Why should I let the claims company choose my Scottish solicitor from their list when I am perfectly capable of doing my own research?

Answer:There is no reason why you should sign up with a claims company when you can go DIRECTLY to a qualified personal injury solicitor in Scotland.

4. What role do claims companies play in the accident compensation sector in Scotland?

Answer:Claims companies are middlemen who have created a whole new business sector by managing to wedge themselves between injured people and qualified solicitors. The public see the television adverts and assume that their claim is being handled by the companies doing the advertising. Wrong! The claims companies introduce injured people to solicitors for a fee and that is where their interest starts and ends. Claims and claimants have become commodities to be touted on the market.

But there is an alternative.

Injured people can of course contact specialist personal injury solicitors directly. There is no shortage of good solicitors with the necessary expertise to handle personal injury claims. After all, if the claims companies can find solicitors on the web, so can the public!